We welcome long-term collaborative relationships with OEMs in both small molecule and bioprocessing applications where mass spectrometer detection can bring the power of real-time analysis where and when it is required, and for a broad range of on-line, at-line and off-line applications.

We offer a complete suite of OEM services, including complete system integration, own branding and bespoke R&D.

Key benefits

  • Partial or complete integration with the OEM’s hardware and software, to meet specific applications, markets or commercial needs
  • BOM and cost flexibility to suit your integrated product strategy
  • Bespoke product R&D tailored to individual OEMs
  • Joint marketing collateral support for OEM-branded products
  • Access to multi-disciplined scientific staff for application or instrument troubleshooting
  • Preferential access to our future R&D product developments

Services overview

  • Configurable service plans based on tiered levels of support, for you and your end-users
  • Configurable applications support to suit specific OEM and end-user needs
  • Flexible spares stocking to reflect your geographic locations, or distribution networks
  • Shipment and packaging configurability to suit OEM consolidation and onward logistics

Or find us at these events:

  • Analytica China, October, Shanghai
  • Lab Innovations, October, UK

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