Microsaic Systems plc (AIM: MSYS), the developer of chip-based mass spectrometry instruments, is pleased to announce its collaboration with SCPA GmbH (“SCPA”), and the integration of Microsaic’s 4000 MiD® compact mass spectrometer with SCPA’s universal PrepCon 5 preparative data and control software.
The PrepCon 5 software can now be used in conjunction with the 4000 MiD® to control all functional aspects of the instrument’s operation, including pumps, motor switch valves, autosamplers, detectors and fraction racks in any combination. In addition, the simple user interface allows the current status of the system to be monitored at any time.

Glenn Tracey, Microsaic’s Chief Operating Officer, commented:
“The flexibility and modular structure of PrepCon 5 allows it to be adapted to any user’s system. This universal capability enhances the usability of Microsaic’s 4000 MiD® technology, particularly with non-specialist users, and appeals to the wider base of chemists wanting more deterministic approaches to their preparative work for chemical analyses.”
SCPA (Software für Chromatographie und Prozess-Analytik), based near Bremen, Germany, is a developer of specialist software and hardware components needed for chromatography applications in research laboratories.

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