Microsaic Systems plc (AIM: MSYS), the developer of chip-based mass spectrometry (MS) instruments, has developed a novel technology to enable real-time analysis of proteins in bioprocessing applications, such as in the manufacture of biologic molecules (proteins, antibodies and peptides) for therapeutic and diagnostic uses. The new technology is a tool for rapidly desalting and purifying protein samples prior to their analysis using Microsaic’s 4000 MiD® MS instrument. This new technology has the potential to significantly accelerate the industrial purification of biologics.

Glenn Tracey, Microsaic’s Chief Operating Officer, commented:
“The benefits of Microsaic’s point of use MS technology, in combination with its patented innovation for on-line desalting, allows for the purification of the desired biomolecules in real time. In doing so, analysis times can be reduced from days or even weeks to minutes while offering the potential for significant savings on operational costs. Eight of the top ten selling drugs in 2016 were biologics and the trend for targeted biologic therapeutics is set to continue. Technologies that can accelerate and enhance their production therefore present an opportunity for Microsaic.”
Mass spectrometry is a powerful technique which allows the effective implementation of “QbD” (Quality by Design), a key industry and regulatory driver for current and future production of biologics.

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