Specialists in compact, point-of-need mass spectrometry (MS), Microsaic Systems plc (AIM: MSYS), has recently announced the signing of several agreements with global OEMs, distributors and knowledge partners in H1 2018, expanding its reach further into Europe and into the Asia-Pacific region, and adding a new knowledge partnership.

The company’s commercial agreement with CPI Innovation Services will focus on the potential of Microsaic’s compact, miniaturised MS technology for at-line large molecule analysis, including monoclonal identification, during the manufacture of biologic drugs. This knowledge-based work will be undertaken at the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), the UK’s national technology and innovation centre for the process manufacturing industries.

Committed to traditional small molecule applications, such as pharmaceutical drugs, Microsaic has also signed commercial agreements with OEM and distribution partners in Asia Pacific and Europe. The company’s agreement with Rightek Co., Ltd, a value-add re-seller and distributor of specialist analytical instrumentation, establishes the distribution of Microsaic’s new 4500 MiD® mass spectrometer in Taiwan. Meanwhile, Unimicro Technologies and Knauer Wissenschaftliche Gerate GMbH will initially focus on the integration of Microsaic’s compact MS systems into their unique low flow rate capillary electrophoresis (CE) and high quality liquid chromatography platforms respectively, with the aim of enhancing the combined technologies’ applications in pharmaceutical discovery.

Glenn Tracey, CEO, commented: “We’re delighted to partner with leading companies in specialist scientific analytical fields – from the manufacture of tomorrow’s biologic drugs, to optimising the efficiency of today’s chemical workflows. Together we will continue to bring the benefits of point-of-need mass spectrometry to time-limited, but data intensive applications. We’re committed to bringing the power of mass spectrometry to commercial chemical and biological applications to improve efficiencies and optimise processes.”

Offering a compact, one box solution for MS detection, Microsaic uses chip-based miniaturisation technology to provide sample detection and identification at the point of use. This allows end users to make quick decisions in real-time to improve overall productivity.

Designed for point-of-need analysis, Microsaic’s 4500 MiD® can be installed where no other mass spectrometer can be deployed, all while retaining the performance of a conventional mass spectrometry (MS) system. Reliable, robust and user friendly, the company’s latest innovation, the 4500 MiD® combines the vacuum system, electronics and computer inside one box, with no need for a floor pump.

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