We officially launched our new MiD®ProteinID last week at Pittcon. Recently awarded as one of 2018’s most innovative products by The Analytical Scientist, we are already excited by the power and the potential of the ProteinID as a new point of need mass detection tool for the biopharma industry.

The product is the latest in our range of point of need mass spectrometers, bringing development scientists or production operatives the capability to simultaneous analyse target proteins, metabolites, by-products and feed-stocks in the laboratory, or in-situ in an industrial workflow.

Growing regulatory pressures in the biologics industry, including for the timely acquisition of critical quality attributes during manufacturing, and for critical process parameters to ensure the manufacturing process is tightly controlled, place greater demands on sensing and detection technologies. We have previously written about the importance of this and the application of Microsaic’s compact mass spectrometers to this field.

The MiD®ProteinID allows users to verify large biologics, small molecule metabolites, and other materials, such as feedstocks, at the point-of-need. You can find specific application notes for upstream bioprocessing environments here, as well as our recent work with M.I.T. in the US to examine the stability characteristics of proteins under storage.

Get in touch to find out more about the MiD® ProteinID quadrupole mass spectrometer.

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