Do you find collecting and processing data time consuming? Do you have to use multiple software packages to get the data you need? With a wide variety of software packages out there it can be hard to find a solution that offers you everything you need for increasing your workflow efficiency.

The team at DataApex have been working on making Clarity the software of choice for the chromatography industry. Clarity is an advanced Chromatography Data Station (CDS) with optional software modules for data acquisition, processing and instrument control. Clarity is already a well-established software used in the chromatography industry and with the new updates for mass spectrometry, you can now add more Mass Spec functionality into your workflow, for total system control.

The full power of Microsaic’s point of need mass spectrometer, the 4500®, is featured in DataApex’s recent release of Clarity version 8.2. The interface is simple to use and swapping between modules couldn’t be easier.

For compact mass spectrometry users DataApex have also now made it possible to interface with NIST’s MS library. This enables fast structural confirmations of acquired spectra via the Clarity software.

For more information on the Clarity software and the team at DataApex please contact DataApex via their website

Or for more information on our compact point-of-need mass spectrometers, contact us on +44 (0)1483 751 577, or email


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