The beginning of June marks the annual ASMS (American Society of Mass Spectrometry) conference. In its 67th year, the event was held in Atlanta, Georgia. Microsaic was not only exhibiting but the team were delighted to be one of the sponsors of the conference. As part of this sponsorship we presented four posters showcasing our latest advances in compact mass spectrometry and exciting new applications!

As always ASMS provided an enormous number of talks and posters, covering diverse developments in mass spectrometry from exploring life on Mars to detecting ‘Boar taint’ in abattoirs! Miniaturised mass spectrometers are also currently receiving a lot of attention in the industry, and two of our technical posters detailing some of our latest developments in miniaturization by Dr Edward Crichton, and the integration of our MiD with a miniaturised LC by Victoria Ordsmith, demonstrates our strong standing in this field.

Our point-of-need mass spectrometer, the ProteinID for upstream bioprocessing analytics was also well received, both on our booth, and in our poster presented by Dr Richard Moseley. Follow the links in this post to view all our technical posters from ASMS.


We were delighted to receive very favourable interest in both the 4500 MiD and the MiD ProteinID from end-users, academics and our colleagues in the industry. Overall ASMS was a great success! Roll on ASMS 2020!

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