The Microsaic MiDas™ is, in my opinion, not talked about enough. Microsaic’s broad application portfolio is made possible thanks to the ingenious design and seamless integration of the MiDas into any workflow.

Many of the benefits of using a MiDas come from the intrinsic properties of your front-end system

The MiDas, coupled with the MiD®, are fully integrated into the Masscape software. This offers users the power to rapidly fine tune analysis conditions. Perfect for when needing to get information from your system and reducing that tricky method development stage. The easy-to-use system features an active splitter and a make-up pump imbedded in the design. Working in tandem, these provide a MS flow of a desired concentration and flowrate. This is a unique solution by Microsaic and overcomes many of the limitations that put off potential MS users today.


Examples showing the flexible configuration options of the MiDas. Application specific solutions

One of the most popular uses of the MiDas is during a reaction monitoring analysis. A leading analytics platform for this application will need to be able to respond to variable reactor conditions, solvents, analyte concentrations and compositions. To unlock the power of MS in the laboratory the MiDas is crucial, it really can be easy to obtain a MS-ready analytical sample and in-line.

For instance, using the MiDas in a prepLC experiment, one can hard set the make-up settings via the software, be it Masscape, or Clarity. This will enable the mass detector to provide the mass-assisted fraction collection, that makes the MiD such a popular solution for fraction collection.

For a comprehensive look at the application that benefit from the MiDas, please head over to our Application Notes webpage.

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