Nano flow analysis applications have many benefits over higher flow rate techniques, but to the lab scientist it means one thing in particular – efficiency! Let’s look at some specific frequently asked questions about Nano-LCMS.


How does nano flow analysis affect sample size? 

With this type of analysis the sample size is reduced to nanolitres. This saves valuable resources, particularly when samples can be hard to obtain.

Does the reduced flow rate impact sensitivity?

In fact, it improves the sensitivity! With the combination of the sample band concentration from the nano LC and an efficient ionisation source you can see substantial increases in sensitivity compared to higher flow LCMS systems.

What are the other returns on investment?

With minimum solvent requirements there is vast savings in both the purchasing and disposal of any solvents used. It’s actually calculated that the ongoing costs to operate the Axcend Focus LC® may be as low as 1/1400th of the current expenses for solvents and waste disposal. This teamed with the huge savings in both power and nitrogen from the Microsaic mass spectrometer means a significant reduction of the overall operating cost compared to a conventional LC-MS system.

Isn’t Nano-LCMS difficult to use?

Both the Axcend Focus LC® and the Microsaic MiD® come complete with tool-free maintenance offering an easy to use system that’s accessible to even non-LC & mass spectrometry specialists. This means: less down time = more samples = more productivity!

Given the extensive benefits of Nano-LCMS, we are excited to be working with Axcend®. Our most recent partnership couples the Axcend Focus LC® with our 4500 MiD® compact mass spectrometer.

The picture below shows the new Nano-LCMS system in action, and highlights its reduced footprint.

Also, note it needs no floor pump, no external PC, no large nitrogen generator, no huge solvent bottles and not even the typical solvent waste that needs monitoring and disposing of!

This makes it the most deployable Nano-LCMS on the market.

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