Since 2001, Microsaic have been at the forefront of innovative solutions for mass spectrometry. Industries such as the pharmaceutical, bioprocessing, environmental, and others have been revolutionised by the introduction of miniaturised, portable mass spec equipment. After decades of R&D into the scientific instrumentation needed for mass detection and analysis, we can now harness and amplify the skills, knowledge, and experience of our team.

World-class physicists, chemists, engineers, and applications personnel have worked together to create our products, and are now offering a whole new range of services to clients that need help with real-time analytical and mass detection processes.

What we’re now offering

Instead of just manufacturing stand-alone products such as the 4500 MiD or the ProteinID mini-mass spectrometer, the team now focus on providing a full range of product support services, along with:

Method Development:

No matter what type of analytical instrumentation you use, whether it’s online, at-line, in-line, or offline, you’ll have the expertise of our highly skilled analytical chemists to streamline your processes. Whether you’re struggling to set up or develop analytical methods, or you’re having problems with any type of instrumentation, our chemists will help solve your issues in any location, worldwide.

Analytical Services:

Lab-based and on-site sample analysis solutions are now available. Instead of investing in a full-time, in-house analytical chemist, you now have the option of utilising the Microsaic team to perform the work as and when needed. Maintenance and analytical services in any area of chemistry can be provided on a retainer basis or as a once-off project. Anytime you have overflow or don’t have the capacity needed for your requirements, our team is on stand-by to help.

Research & Development:

With over 20 years’ experience in the R&D of mass detection and analytical equipment, our team now has the expertise and experience to offer the same for our clients. Designing and running applications, engineering consulting, and upgrading systems are just a few of the areas that we can now help your business with.

Synthetic Reaction Monitoring:

Using miniaturised MS instrumentation, either in our labs or leased out to your site, our team can help with all types of real-time reaction monitoring. From developing methods for flow chemistry to analysing oligonucleotides and pharmaceuticals, you’ll have the use of world-class equipment and chemists at a fraction of the cost of running it in-house.

Equipment leasing:

Reducing capital expenditure can have a huge impact on your business, and is easily managed by renting instead of purchasing your own mass spec equipment. At Microsaic, we can set up a lease agreement, install the instrumentation, train your staff to use it, or even have an expert run your samples if needed.


Environmental testing:

Outsourcing your environmental testing to Microsaic is easier than ever, as lab-based and remote analysis are now available. A wide-spectrum of contaminants can now be tested in our facilities, that include PFAS, opioids, pesticides, drugs of abuse, and antibiotics amongst others. Particularly useful for businesses that don’t have the budget, equipment, or staff to perform this in-house.

Mobile Lab in a Van:

Coming soon to all our customers is the mobile “Lab in a Van” service. Together with Modern Water, a world-leader in water monitoring and membrane technologies, we’ve created a unique, mobile solution for real-time water analysis. 

Featuring our mini-mass spec equipment, each vehicle is self-sustained with onboard nitrogen pumps, and can be run by solar or electrical power. Analysis monitoring can be brought to any point of need, such as water treatment facilities, processing facilities, or by the riverside.

What the future holds for Microsaic

As Microsaic continues to expand with the introduction of these services, an excitingfuture is on the horizon. Pathogen detection will soon become a key part of the business. In collaboration with DeepVerge, the deployment of the Microtox®PD across the UK (which tests for SARS-CoV-2 in sewage wastewater) has already started. Our pathogen detection technology can be applied to all types of pathogens, and is set to change the face of environmental testing.

Unit refurbishment is another service in the pipeline. From column changing to a full upgrade of your lab equipment, any issues can be corrected and methods developed to suit.

Finally, new products from the Microsaic team are set to make mass spectrometry accessible to all, and even more easily deployed in labs and processing facilities. Keep an eye out for updates on our website and social media channels. Learn more about our new services by getting in touch here.

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