Detect impurities at the point-of-need with our real-time monitoring solutions 

In-field or online monitoring dramatically reduces costs when it comes to capital, processing, transport, and labour expenditures. Chemicals of emerging concern (CECs) are increasingly affecting health and the environment, while human errors in sample collection and analytical processes cause businesses to lose untold amounts of time and money. 

Moving detection tools to the point-of-need, whether that’s by a riverside or in a bioprocessing facility, allows you to monitor whole ecosystems and processing workflows in real-time. Using miniaturised mass spec technology, our team of scientists are ready to help you develop a customised monitoring solution that suits your business, and your budget. 


Real-time, in-field environmental monitoring 

Traditionally, analysis of CECs, PFAS, and other harmful chemicals in soil and water takes place at a centralised facility, often far away from the location of sample collection. Delays due to transportation, human error, or laborious processing results in appropriate actions not taking place when needed, and can cause devastating consequences for human health, such as: 


  • Cancers 
  • Parasitic diseases 
  • Liver damage 
  • Endocrine disruption 
  • Reproductive harm 
  • Immune system dysfunction 


Our compact, portable mass spectrometry equipment allows you to detect threats in water and soil samples in real-time, directly at the point-of-need. At a fraction of the cost of the traditional approach, you can monitor, analyse, and make life-saving decisions instantaneously. Alternatively, you can outsource any environmental monitoring to our highly skilled and experienced team. 

Mobile monitoring solutions with Microsaic 

Working together with Modern Water, we now offer a pioneering mobile monitoring and analytical solution, the “Lab-in-a-Van”. Fully equipped with the right tools and experienced personnel to help you detect, monitor, and analyse any environmental contaminant, at any location. 

Join us for World Water Week in Stockholm or online for a Q&A session on “The Fight to See the Unseen in our Global Water”. You’ll have a deeper understanding of how our instrumentation integrates with AI for real-time detection of water and wastewater threats. In addition, you’ll get an in-depth review of our award-winning monitoring and screening platforms


Process monitoring and analytical technology at the point-of-need 

Miniaturised mass spec technology helps you analyse the chemical composition of flow streams, in real-time. Include online monitoring of flow chemical reactions in your processes, and you’ll create a more efficient workflow with the ability to: 


  • Monitor starting materials 
  • Identify transients and impurities 
  • Determine steady state conditions 
  • Optimise transformations 
  • Improve yield, purity, and reaction selectivity 


Creating methods to streamline processes is what our team does best. Working with Merck & Co., we presented a unique quantitative perspective on online flow reaction profiling, and continue to develop process analytical technology (PAT) combined with mini-mass spec equipment for real-time analytical solutions. 


Point-of-need monitoring solutions for any process 

Developing a screening, monitoring, or analytical solution is easy when you work with Microsaic. No matter what industry you work in, from environmental to biopharmaceutical and everything in between, we’ll help you improve efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline your workflows. You can even lease our equipment as and when needed to avoid excessive capital costs.  

Get in touch today and discover how a customised, real-time monitoring solution can work for your business.

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