An invitation to join Microsaic Systems plc in a Ground-breaking trial for Acrylamide Detection in potato chip Manufacturing and Processing 

At Microsaic, we believe in collaboration and are inviting industrial partners and research academics to work with us on this important project. 

Acrylamide, a potentially harmful chemical, is produced when potatoes and other starchy foods are cooked at high temperatures. Stricter limits are being looked at for the industry, meaning increased testing and monitoring will be needed in the future. 

Our offering takes laboratory level instrumentation and brings it to the point of production, reducing analysis costs and improving turnaround times. 

Our cutting-edge instrument provides rapid, precise, and easy-to-use detection of acrylamide levels making it a valuable tool for manufacturers and processors looking to improve the safety of their products. 

Partnering with us in this trial offers a unique opportunity to be involved in industry-leading research and development, while also having a positive impact on public health. 

Contact us through the webform below to learn more, or to discuss potential partnership opportunities. 

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