In the world of scientific research and clinical applications, efficiency and speed are paramount. Researchers and professionals are constantly seeking innovative tools that not only deliver reliable results but also streamline their workflows. Microsaic’s Mass Spectrometer MiD® system has set a new benchmark for speed and deployability when it comes to installation and operation.


Unparalleled Efficiency:

On the 5th of September 2023, a MiD® system was installed at Imperial College London in the Hammersmith Campus for ground-breaking clinical research applications. What sets this installation apart is the remarkable speed at which it was accomplished.

The installation process commenced at precisely 11:01 am, and by 12:19 pm – a mere 78 minutes later – the MiD® system was fully operational. This rapid setup included unpacking the instrument, setting it up on the bench, powering it on, pumping it down, and calibrating it – a comprehensive process that typically takes more than 6 hours with other mass spectrometers.


Unprecedented Timeliness:

Here’s a breakdown of the remarkable timeline:

11:01 am: The installation began with the unpacking of the instrument.

11:06 am: The MiD® system was set up on the bench and switched on.

11:51 am: The instrument was pumped down and made ready for calibration.

12:19 pm: Calibration was completed, and the MiD® system was fully operational.

This installation time is nothing short of remarkable, and it highlights Microsaic’s commitment to delivering efficient solutions to its clients.


Real-World Applications:

The MiD® system’s rapid installation is just the beginning. Imperial College’s application showcases the system’s immense potential. Researchers there have successfully integrated a new front end with a REIMS ionisation source into the MiD®. The system was pumped down to vacuum seamlessly, with no issues, demonstrating its reliability and efficiency.

In initial experiments, the MiD® system coupled with the customised REIMS ionisation source was utilised to analyse aerosolised pork liver, a good clinical substitute for human tissue, with the results being captured in real-time. This showcases the MiD® capabilities for rapid, on-the-fly analysis.

Microsaic’s Mass Spectrometer MiD® system has redefined the standards for speed and efficiency in mass spectrometer installation. Its rapid setup, coupled with its point of need, real-time analysis capabilities, opens up a world of possibilities for cutting-edge research and clinical applications. The MiD® system’s journey has just begun, and it’s poised to revolutionise how we approach mass spectrometry in various fields. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as Microsaic continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in analytical instrumentation.

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