What is Acrylamide and Why is it a Concern in Potato Chips and Coffee Beans?

Acrylamide is a chemical compound that forms naturally in certain foods, including potato chips and coffee beans, during high-temperature cooking. As a potential carcinogen, acrylamide consumption has raised concerns among health experts. Learn more about acrylamide and its potential health risks [...]

Call out for Acrylamide Partners

An invitation to join Microsaic Systems plc in a Ground-breaking trial for Acrylamide Detection in potato chip Manufacturing and Processing  At Microsaic, we believe in collaboration and are inviting industrial partners and research academics to work with us on this important [...]

Microsaic Newsletter – COMING SOON

This month will see the return of the Microsaic newsletter. Each edition will bring you the latest news, blogs and company updates along with topical articles and details of the latest Microsaic projects and partnerships. The first edition in February will [...]

The month of conferences on both sides of the pond

WWEM, WEFTEC and Lab Innovation and Advanced Engineering 2022 Microsaic has had a busy month of conferences in both the States and the UK. On the second week of October 2022, the Microsaic and Modern Water teams attended both WWEM and [...]

Environmental, Reaction, and Process Monitoring 

  Detect impurities at the point-of-need with our real-time monitoring solutions  In-field or online monitoring dramatically reduces costs when it comes to capital, processing, transport, and labour expenditures. Chemicals of emerging concern (CECs) are increasingly affecting health and the environment, while [...]