Microsaic’s Summer Conference Schedule

Attending, networking and presenting at industry conferences has always been important for sharing and learning new techniques and instrumentation advances with clients, peers and industry leaders. Already in 2023, the Microsaic team have visited both ISM Cologne and CHEM UK where [...]

Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis: Microsaic’s Lab-in-a-Van Service

Introduction to Microsaic’s Lab-in-a-Van: Revolutionising Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis In today’s fast-paced world, efficient and reliable analytical methods and instrumentation are essential for real-time monitoring and analysis in numerous industries. As a leader in innovative scientific instrumentation, Microsaic have developed their [...]

Streamlining Analytical Method Development: Microsaic’s Turnkey Solutions

Streamlining Analytical Method Development for Competitive Advantage Developing reliable and reproducible analytical methods can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process for any organisation. Without the necessary expertise and resources, achieving reliable and reproducible results can be a significant challenge. In the [...]

What is Acrylamide and Why is it a Concern in Potato Chips and Coffee Beans?

Acrylamide is a chemical compound that forms naturally in certain foods, including potato chips and coffee beans, during high-temperature cooking. As a potential carcinogen, acrylamide consumption has raised concerns among health experts. Learn more about acrylamide and its potential health risks [...]

Call out for Acrylamide Partners

An invitation to join Microsaic Systems plc in a Ground-breaking trial for Acrylamide Detection in potato chip Manufacturing and Processing  At Microsaic, we believe in collaboration and are inviting industrial partners and research academics to work with us on this important [...]


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