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Facilitate the study and application of mass spectrometry with our innovative mini-mass spec instrumentation and educational tools.


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World-leading research can only take place with access to the best technology, resources, and specialised equipment. As leaders in miniaturised mass spectrometry, our team can provide the instrumentation, software, and expertise required for ground-breaking product development, manufacturing, and research projects.

Real-time detection and analysis tools can dramatically reduce your overheads, and accelerate the development lifecycle of any project. To minimise your costs even further, you can avail of our university discounts and loan options for any product or service used in your undergraduate lab.

  • Educational and computational tools

  • Compact, portable mass spec equipment

  • Software to integrate MS to LC systems

  • Outsourced R&D projects

  • Remote lab services

  • LC-MS of small molecules and protein analyses

Products Applications
4500 MiD Point-of-need detection tool for online, at-line, in-line, or off-line applications.
Focus LC Green chemistry solution to reduce solvent, nitrogen, and power consumption.
SPE LC-MS Solid phase extraction tool coupled with our LC-MS system.
Clarity software Integrated software that pairs the MiD seamlessly to a multiple of LC systems.
Lab services Outsourced method development, sample analysis, and equipment rental.
R&D services Streamline processes and bring products to market faster with outsourced R&D.

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As award-winning pioneers in miniaturised mass spec technology, we offer customised, turnkey solutions to multiple industries across the world.