In-field monitoring and screening  

Traditionally, analytical testing of soil and water samples takes a long time and incurs huge expenses, due to errors in sample collection and transportation to an off-site laboratory. With our portable, miniaturised mass spec equipment, you can now bring the lab to the sample. Detect, identify, and monitor ecosystem contaminants in any location, at a fraction of the cost with Microsaic. 


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  • Drinking water testing 
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Pesticide screening 
  • Agricultural waste contamination
  • Wastewater facilities 
  • Riverside water testing 
  • PFAS monitoring

Real-time analysis of soil and water contamination at the point-of-need ensures timely, informed decisions that protect human and environmental health. Our mini-mass spec solutions offer the same sensitivity and capabilities as any current lab-based methods, and will dramatically reduce the time, costs, and labour involved in environmental sample analysis.

Products Description
4500 MiD Compact, portable MS system for point-of-need detection and analysis
SPE LC-MS End-to-end solution for testing samples at low environmental concentrations
Focus LC Axcend’s Focus LC coupled to our MiD platform for a greener chemistry solution
Lab services Remote and lab-based sample analysis, equipment rental, and bespoke method development

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