Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) or ‘forever chemicals’  bio-accumulate in our environment and in the human body. These compounds are man-made and were developed in the 1940s. Their useful properties include being non-stick and water resistant. With the range of products using PFAS, most people are being exposed to them on a daily basis. Some of these PFAS accumulate in the human body over time and can cause adverse health issues. Learn more at United States EPA.

Government bodies around the world are increasing their commitment to address this issue. With current guidelines ranging from 100ppt to 10ppt. Luckily the Microsaic in-field test solution offers screening of PFAS as low as 5ppt. Although there are more countries implementing regulation for the monitoring of PFAS , there is still the need for real-time data of these compounds in wastewater treatment facilities.  Remote analytical testing will help improve the monitoring and remediation of PFAS.

  • Limits of detection by regulatory standards
  • LOD as low as 1.6ppt
  • Reproduceable data both in and out of the lab
  • 90-106% recoveries for samples
  • Low power requirements
  • Small and compact size, Fits in the back of a car or van
  • Setup in 30 mins
  • Complete sample analysis in under 45 mins

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