Point-of-need quality control 

Processing, chemical, and environmental contaminants can disrupt the production of any food or drink product. Miniaturised mass spec instrumentation deployed at the point-of-need allows you to detect, identify, and quantify impurities as they arise, and ensure instant quality control measures are implemented.



  • Quality and safety compliance 
  • Food authentication
  • Food fraud analysis
  • Dietary exposure assessments 
  • Counterfeit ingredient testing 
  • Product characterisation 
  • Molecular profiling
  • Identify marker compounds 
  • VIP food testing 
  • Nutritional composition characterisation

Instant, direct sample analysis with minimal to no preparation helps prevent downtime on any production line. You’ll ensure reliable and accurate protocols are in place to determine food quality and safety, and improve the overall efficiency of your research, development, or manufacturing processes.

Products Description
4500 MiD Easily deployed in any clinical setting
MiDas Fluidics tool for real-time reaction monitoring.
SPE-LC-MS Solid phase extraction tool coupled to an LC-MS system for on-site, analytical measurements
Focus LC Protein monitoring at the point-of-need
Clarity software Reduce solvent, nitrogen, and power consumption with this green chemistry solution.
Lab Services  Production method development, “Lab-in-a-Van” mobile sample analysis, and equipment rental

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