Bring the laboratory to the patient 

Accurate therapeutic drug monitoring and bedside screening in hospitals can make the difference between life and death situations. Instead of waiting hours, or days for test results, physicians can now provide real-time insights directly to the patient. Between our mass-spec technology and engineering consultancy services, we’ll help you develop solutions for drug reaction monitoring to oncology diagnostics, all at the point-of-need.



  • Bedside analysis of clinical samples 
  • Monitoring of therapeutic antibodies 
  • Rapid, on-site test results 
  • Characterisation of proteins and metabolites 
  • Real-time monitoring of biologic drugs 
  • Point-of-care diagnostics 

Miniaturised mass-spec equipment gives you the ability to detect and quantify highly complex extracts and samples in any setting. Playing an integral role in the next generation of personal care, faster decision making based on real-time detection and analysis of patient data can help you change the face of modern medicine.

Products Description
4500 MiD Easily deployed in any clinical setting
Focus LC Green chemistry solution with Axcend’s Focus LC and our MiD platform.
SPE-LC-MS Solid phase extraction tool coupled to an LC-MS system for on-site, analytical measurements
MiDex Protein monitoring at the point-of-need
Clarity software Integrated software for a multiple of LC-MS systems.
Lab Services Clinical method development, remote sample analysis, and mass-spec tool rental.
Engineering services Outsourced R&D, new product development, and access to our in-house scientific and engineering experts

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