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  • How can Nano-LCMS change your workflow?

    Nano flow analysis applications have many benefits over higher flow rate techniques, but to the lab scientist it means one thing in particular – efficiency! Let’s look at some specific frequently asked questions about Nano-LCMS.   How does nano flow analysis affect sample size?  With…

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  • Straight to the Source: ESI vs APCI….

                What’s important in a good ion source for mass spectrometry? Is it compatibility, robustness, or all-round performance…? In this blog post we look at two of…

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  • MiDas: our unsung hero

    The Microsaic MiDas™ is, in my opinion, not talked about enough. Microsaic’s broad application portfolio is made possible thanks to the ingenious design and seamless integration of the MiDas into any workflow….

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  • 3 reasons why you should upgrade from UV detection to Mass Spectrometry

    From enhanced selectivity to rapid identification of analytes in samples, the capabilities of Mass Spectrometry (MS) are well known to the analytical chemist. Limiting factors such as cost, space and expert knowledge…

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