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  • How to Improve Productivity and Lower Costs with Real-Time Technology at the Point-of-Need

    Quality control is a critical step during the production of high value pharmaceuticals. Traditionally, analysis is performed by extracting samples from the reactor, and taking them to the laboratory. However, definitive results…

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  • How can Nano-LCMS change your workflow?

    Nano flow analysis applications have many benefits over higher flow rate techniques, but to the lab scientist it means one thing in particular – efficiency! Let’s look at some specific frequently asked questions about Nano-LCMS.   How does nano flow analysis affect sample size?  With…

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  • Straight to the Source: ESI vs APCI….

                What’s important in a good ion source for mass spectrometry? Is it compatibility, robustness, or all-round performance…? In this blog post we look at two of…

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  • MiDas: our unsung hero

    The Microsaic MiDas™ is, in my opinion, not talked about enough. Microsaic’s broad application portfolio is made possible thanks to the ingenious design and seamless integration of the MiDas into any workflow….

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