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MiD® Protein ID miniaturised
mass spectrometer

Our technology allows you to mass ID your protein. Now you can verify your target protein through the whole bioprocess from cell train to bioreactor to capture to fill.


Years of experience

Our ProteinID system was listed in the Top 15 innovations of 2018 in The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards. Judged by a panel of experts, the awards commend instruments and technologies that are likely to have a significant impact across the analytical sciences. For more information click here.

For more information download our application note here.

  • Large mass range 50-3,200 m/z

  • Accurate ID about both proteins and small molecules

  • Simultaneously monitor and control your bioprocessing

  • Verify your protein product

  • Speed up time for manufacture and also the time to market for new biologics

Across industries,
across the world

As award-winning pioneers in miniaturised mass spec technology, we offer customised, turnkey solutions to multiple industries across the world.