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An option for seamless integration with our MiD products, the MiDas™ compact sampling interface allows automated sampling, dilution and injection for direct mass spectrometer analysis.


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Designed for both flow and direct injection monitoring at the point of reaction or processing, the MiDas™ delivers direct injection analysis via optional motorised 2-position 6-port valve. It includes easy to use software for sampling set up and data analysis with no prior knowledge of mass spectrometry (MS) required. Make-up pump and active splitter dilutes the sample from the reaction flow for analysis in the MiD MS detector.

  • Direct injection analysis

  • Automated sample sequences include flushing to ensure no carry-over

  • Easy to use software for sampling set up and data analysis

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As award-winning pioneers in miniaturised mass spec technology, we offer customised, turnkey solutions to multiple industries across the world.