Key benefits

  • Small footprint enables deployment anywhere within laboratory or processing facilities
  • Fully integrated and robust system, with no external vacuum pumps, and no external PC
  • Easy to use, simply ‘plug and play’ consumables
  • Integrated software designed for rapid set up and data analysis
  • “Remote operating” software module for fast and effective third-party equipment integration
  • Low operating cost, due to reduced power and N2 gas consumption
  • Low maintenance costs with completely tool-less front-end

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4500 MiD®

The 4500 MiD® combines the vacuum system, electronics and computer inside one box. With no floor pump ever needed, it can be installed where no other mass spectrometer can be easily deployed, all while retaining the performance of a conventional mass spectrometer system. The addition of the Microsaic MiDas™ compact interface sampling module means the 4500 MiD® can be easily deployed in a large variety of on-line, at-line and off-line applications.

Featuring Microsaic’s three main patented chip-based technologies, the ionchip®, spraychip® and vac-chip™, the 4500 MiD® is reliable, robust, and user-friendly, with increased mass range, a completely tool-less front-end for enhanced control, an intuitive and robust user interface, and improved electronics. A change in front-end alignment has also strengthened system uptime while reducing the deposition of contaminants downstream.

Increasing the mass range to 1400 m/z opens up a new range of applications, including peptide analysis using Nano LC-MS, which is ideal for the 4500 MiD®’s extremely efficient ESI source, and its strong propensity towards multiple charging.

Easy to operate and maintain, the Microsaic 4500 MiD® also offers reduced solvent, nitrogen and power consumption to lower operating costs and provide a greener solution for mass detection.

Technical specifications


55 x 35 x 25 cm (22 x 14 x 10 in.) (including PC, pump and exhaust)


32 kg (including PC, pump and exhaust)

Ion Source

spraychip® - electrospray ionization source

Ionization Modes

Positive and negative ESI

Sample Inlet

Compatible with standard capillaries and unions e.g., 1/32” tubing

Flow Rate Range

0.3-2000 µL/min

Mass Analyzer

ionchip® - quadrupole mass filter

Mass Range

50-1400 m/z

Mass Accuracy

± 0.3 m/z in full scan*

Mass Resolution

0.7 m/z ± 0.1 @ FWHM*


10pg of reserpine yields a peak in SIM mode with a S/N ratio of 10:1 (RMS)


vac-chip™ - off axis microengineered atmospheric pressure interface


Electron multiplier

Dynamic Range

3-4 orders of magnitude

Scan Modes

Full scan, SIM (8m/z channels), simultaneous scan/SIM, and timed SIM

Scan Rate

m/z 1,500/s (7,500 pts/s)

Pumping System

Integrated oil-free pumps (no floor pump needed)

Software Control

Clarity, PrepCon, Remote Operations Protocol


Ethernet, 5 x USB
2 x digital in (e.g., LC trigger input), 2 x digital out
4 x in (e.g.; UV Trace), 4 x out (e.g., triggering external device)
1 x RS232 (e.g., syringe pump control)

*in a temperature controlled environment, 20±3˚C

Utility requirements

Power Requirements

Power: 250W (operating), 300 W (peak)
Line voltage: 100-240 V AC±10%
Line frequency: 50/60 Hz

Nitrogen Gas

Pressure 2-6 bar (29-87 psi)
Purity (≥99,5%)
6mm OD push fit connection

Pump Exhaust

Exhaust connects to an 8 mm OD push fit

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