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Increase productivity, reduce overheads, and leverage the skills and experience of our team by outsourcing your lab processes.


Years of experience

Decades of experience in mass detection and real-time analytical processes has led to the expansion of our lab facilities.

Instead of investing in expensive equipment or hiring your own physicists, chemists, engineers, and applications personnel, you can now outsource any laboratory service to Microsaic. Harness the skills, expertise, and facilities of our world-class team at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house.

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Real-Time Analysis and Mass Detection

Using mini-mass spec equipment, along with the combined skill sets of our innovative scientists, you’ll get expert help with application development, point-of-need sample analysis, method development, and more.

Analytical Method Development

Streamline your laboratory processes with our highly-skilled chemists. If you’re struggling to set up or develop analytical methods in-house, we can provide a cost-effective solution, no matter your location, worldwide. With a range of expertise and instrumentation at our disposal, we’ll help you solve any analytical problem.

Sample Analysis

Sample analysis solutions are available anytime you have overflow or lack the capacity needed for your requirements. You can choose between lab-based analysis in any area of chemistry, or real-time monitoring and analysis at the point-of-need with our mobile “Lab-in-a-Van” service.

Mass Spec Rental Services

Investing in mass spectrometry equipment, along with hiring an in-house analytical chemist can incur huge costs. Reduce your expenditure by leasing the instrumentation as and when needed, and our team will take care of the installation, staff training, or even run your samples if needed. Mass Spectrometry is no longer a capital equipment cost.

Across industries,
across the world

As award-winning pioneers in miniaturised mass spec technology, we offer customised, turnkey solutions to multiple industries across the world.