Monitoring services

Monitor whole ecosystems and
discover issues in real-time

Monitor environmental, pharmaceutical, or manufacturing processes on-site, in real-time with our mini-mass spec solutions.


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Real-time analysis of pharmaceuticals, PFAS, or other chemicals of emerging concern (CECs) can be achieved at any location using portable, mass-spec technology.

Reduce your capital expenditure by leasing equipment as and when needed, create an end-to-end monitoring solution with our award-winning team of chemists, and eliminate the need for transporting samples to a centralised laboratory with our “Lab-in-a-Van” service.

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Remote Monitoring Solutions

Generate data at the point-of-need with our portable detection tools. Monitor whole ecosystems and discover issues in real-time so you can make informed decisions, fast.

Mobile Monitoring

Water and soil analysis typically takes place in a centralised facility, far from the site of interest. Errors can easily occur during the collection and transportation of samples, which leads to delays in decision making. Reduce the margin of error and lower your logistics costs with our mobile “Lab in a Van” service, equipped with all the tools needed for PFAS monitoring and analysis.

Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Deploying PAT systems at the point-of-need ensures quality controls are performed in real-time. Our team can help you develop a PAT mass spectrometry solution that focuses on QbD (Quality-by-Design), and improves the efficiency of chemistry and biological workflows.

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As award-winning pioneers in miniaturised mass spec technology, we offer customised, turnkey solutions to multiple industries across the world.