The abilities of our MS in a bioprocessing environment allows the user to promptly characterise important Critical Quality Attributes (CQA) of the biologic products, and monitor Critical Process Parameters (CPP) within the bioprocess itself. This enables timely decisions to be made about how best to intervene in the workflow in real-time. As a result, our miniaturised MS system leads to more robust yet agile biologics processing and manufacturing.

A key enabler of QbD, our MS detector provides access to process and product information in real-time, and increases the probability of successfully completing the biologics manufacturing process.

Key benefits

  • Faster decision-making for bioprocessing optimisation
  • Automated, continuous and more robust biologics manufacturing and supply
  • An enabler for Quality-by-Design, providing real-time process analysis capability for CPP and CQA
  • Lower cost of biologics production and supply as a result of an enhanced process control strategy

This is an alarming decision, we need monitoring more than ever #msys 7 September 2021