Identifying and characterising the components of a chemical or biological process, using powerful mass spectrometer detection enables users to make decisions to adjust, optimise and control their processes in real-time. Instead of losing valuable time and money sending samples to a centralised MS facility, our technology provides processing and manufacturing agility, as well as overall laboratory and commercial manufacturing productivity.

Point-of-need MS provides greater assurance of the final product and its critical quality attributes, a particular concern for biologics, and saves both pharmaceutical (small molecule) and biopharmaceutical (large molecule) organisations valuable time, resources, materials, and ultimately money.

Small molecule applications

Accelerate discovery

Upgrade your current detection method to point-of-need MS for access to better, more detailed process and product information at the point of use – no need to wait for the information from centralised QC/QA inspection steps.
Identify and characterise compounds as your reaction progresses, so you can make fast, real-time decisions about the workflow to boost productivity.

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Biopharma applications


Our chip-based MS technology is an essential part of an efficient Quality-by-Design (QbD) strategy, giving bioprocessing operators and managers access to more detailed product and process information at the point-of-need.

The abilities of our mass spectrometer in a bioprocessing environment allows the user to promptly characterise important Critical Quality Attributes (CQA) of the biologic products, and monitor Critical Process Parameters (CPP) within the bioprocess itself. This enables timely decisions to be made about how best to intervene in the workflow in real-time. As a result, our miniaturised mass spectrometer system leads to more robust yet agile biologics processing and manufacturing.

A key enabler of QbD, our mass spectrometer detector provides access to process and product information in real-time, and increases the probability of successfully completing the biologics manufacturing process.

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