Key benefits

  • Highly configurable software interface enabling easy bespoke integration with OEM equipment
  • No need for a monitor or keyboard – remote control LAN connection enables deployment anywhere in the laboratory or within processing facilities, including in fume hoods
  • Controls the dilution and port in our MiDas™ liquid sampling interface unit for flow and direct injection monitoring, automated sampling and flushing set-up
  • Can be used off-line as a data analysis tool
  • Exports data and reports in a variety of popular formats including NetCDF, CSV, PDF. Masscape® files are also compatible with software from other vendors

Masscape® software

The Masscape® software application gives you control of sample methods and data analysis.

Data Capture

Mass spectra (profile and centroid) selected ion monitoring modes (SIM)

Data Analysis

Peak integration
Noise subtraction and data smoothing
Base peak chromatogram (BPC)
Extracted ion chromatogram (EIC)
Labeling and annotation


Retention time, peak height and area

Data Input

Real-time analogue input of UV trace and display in Masscape®

Data Output

Real-time analogue output of TIC, EIC or SIM trace

Data Export

CDF, XLS, CSV, PDF, JCAMP-DX, JPG data interchange via USB or LAN


Remote communications API available. External trigger allowing automatic analysis of samples via method table

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