As part of our ‘meet the team’ series on the blog, this month we have a Microsaic Sales and Application special, with an introduction from each of our applications and technical sales specialists.

 Chris Harris (PhD), Applications Specialist
“Microsaic is a great place to learn”
I always tell new starters that Microsaic is a great place to learn. I joined as a chemist 3 years ago with a good understanding of Mass Spec. Since then I have developed an appreciation of all the infrastructure required to develop and sell a miniaturised mass spectrometer!

My introduction to mass spectrometry was at University. I was involved in a Masters project looking at laser spectroscopy of complexes held in an ion trap mass spectrometer. This spun out into a PhD project utilising a double-focusing sector instrument.

Deepening my scientific understanding is one the most rewarding aspects of my career. Recently I have had the pleasure of collaborating and learning from industry experts around Europe when developing applications projects. This exposure also inspires new ideas and focus for new application topics and experiments. We are working on some exciting new prospects right now!


Chris Mitchell (PhD), Application Specialist
“I’m surrounded by dynamic, intellectually curious and down-to-earth people.”
Microsaic has a highly motivational, start-up like environment in which no two days are the same. Working with an agile solution like our miniaturised Mass Spec is stimulating because it re-works the landscape of analytical detection. Our R&D team is always on the cusp of innovation, making my job developing the applications in both traditional and non-traditional areas an exciting endeavour. Ultimately what is great is being surrounded by dynamic, intellectually curious and down-to-earth people.

My background comprises of Mass Spec Imaging (MSI) and profiling, focusing on applications in skin anatomy, pharmacology and in circadian rhythm profiling within neuroendocrinology. Prior to joining the group at Microsaic, I worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Surrey before transitioning into private sector work, briefly working in FinTech.

As a mass spectrometrist, I have had the opportunity to work in very niche areas. The passion that I have is making a difference to both systems and their workflow, ultimately resulting a simplified process for customers.

Piravina Ragulan, Technical Sales Specialist
“I look forward to sharing my knowledge about our chip-based technology.”
Approaching only the end of week 4 at Microsaic Systems, I am the latest addition to the team. Over the last few weeks I have been learning a lot of exciting facts about the company, the team and of course our point-of-need mass spectrometer. The team has helped me to settle into my new position as a new Technical Sales Specialist extremely quickly. I am impressed by how simple and easy to understand our system is, even someone without extensive MS-expertise will be empowered to implement this technology into their workflow.

I have several years’ experience in scientific sales. Developing a territory, building successful customer relationships and selling effective solutions according to the customer’s need are all elements that I have enjoyed in my previous roles. I have no doubt that these skills will me in my new role at Microsaic.  My fluency in German, English and Tamil will certainly be beneficial when working towards an optimal solution for our customers and expansion of direct sales in to Europe.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge about our chip-based technology with all our existing and new customers to help them to optimise productivity by saving them time and money.

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